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Explore how innovation shaped our region and changed the world. Through interactive exhibits, community and educational programs, and first-person insights from leading innovators, discover Seattle's role as a nexus of big ideas and new directions - and ignite the innovator within! Generously supported by Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos, this is the place to discover the past and future of creativity and invention in our region.

What does innovation look like? Who innovates, where does it happen, and how do great ideas evolve? To find out more, tackle a challenge in the Idea Lab, discover a Seattle-made invention in the Patent Tree, and check out cutting-edge concepts in What's Next. Through lectures, special programs and changing displays, Seattle innovators will share their latest projects and invite you to take a look at the future as it unfolds. 




The Bezos Center is Now Open!

On Saturday, October 12, 2013, MOHAI joined with innovators from across the community to launch the Bezos Center with a full day of exciting tours, presentations, and performances! See below for information on some of the featured presenters:

Makerhaus logo Monica Guzman Paul Rucker Shwetak Patel Skate Like a Girl

All-day 3D Printing Demonstrations with MakerHaus

Idea Lab Power Hour with Monica Guzman, Columnist

Performance by Paul Rucker, Visual Artist, Composer, Musician

Idea Lab Power Hour with Shwetak Patel, Computer Scientist

Idea Lab Power Hour with Skate Like a Girl, Community Organizers


Find and Share Innovation Near You!

Innovation doesn't just happen in a lab, in an office building, or in front of a computer - it's all around us, especially in a place like Seattle! If you know of a place where people in any field - art, sports, theater, philanthropy, and more - are taking risks, collaborating with others, and making great things happen, MOHAI wants to hear about it! Keep checking back in to learn more about who's making, sharing, and doing in our region.

CLICK HERE to submit a location and description, and we'll add it to the Innovation Map

MOHAI reserves the right to screen submissions, and will not post any inappropriate or offensive material. 


More Information

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MOHAI thanks these sponsors for their support of the launch of the Bezos Center for Innovation:

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