Thursday, 19 May 2011 08:55

...Incorrect and Somewhat Inappropriate Acronyms

Written by  Curt

Thursday Hidden Treasure "Ride the S.L.U.T., South Lake Union Trolley" T-Shirt, Ca. 2008 Note: Seattle's South Lake Union Trolley - officially "Streetcar" - began running from South Lake Union to downtown in December of 2007. The "urban legend" holds that the use of the name "trolley" was abandoned when city planners realized the "SLUT" acronym, but officials maintain that "streetcar" had been originally selected to provide a more modern-sounding name and that "trolley" had never been in use. Shirt was purchased by donor at Kapow! Coffee Shop on Harrison Street. Donor stated that he used to wear the shirt in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, but stopped wearing it when he moved to Bellevue, considering its humor out of place in the eastside neighborhood. Thursday Hidden Treasure highlights artifacts in MOHAI's collection that are not on everyday display.

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