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Woman's Century Club parlor, Seattle, ca. 1925

Written by  mohai

Woman's Century Club parlor, Seattle, ca. 1925Woman's Century Club parlor, Seattle, ca. 1925 A group of prominent Seattle women founded the Woman's Century Club in 1891. Club activities included the study of the arts and social issues, and members also lobbied for social justice. In 1925, the group built a brick club house on Harvard Avenue at Roy Street in Seattle's Capitol Hill area, where they met in the parlor, shown here. By end of the 20th century, Seattle women had gained many other outlets for their intellectual, artistic and political activities. The building was sold and became the Harvard Exit Theater. A clause in the sale agreement stipulates that the remaining members of the group could continue to meet in the parlor on a regular basis. Photographer: Webster & Stevens Image Date: ca. 1925 Image Number:1983.10.3052.4

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