Teacher Resources

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MOHAI offers year-round professional development programs for K-12 teachers, either at the museum or in the classroom. Clock hours are available for most programs, and the schedule of professional development events varies throughout the year. Learn more

Pre- and Post-Visit Materials

Before a class visit to MOHAI, we encourage teachers to familiarize themselves with these materials. Included are visit guidelines and in-class curriculum that will introduce students to local history and prepare them for their visit to the museum. Additional post-visit lessons are also available to build on what students learned during their field trip. Learn more

Online Curriculum Materials

MOHAI provides a thorough online curriculum, complete with primary source materials, to help teachers introduce their students to a variety of Seattle history topics.

Great Seattle Fire

In this online curricula, students learn about the Great Seattle Fire of 1889 and the pivotal role it played in Seattle's early development. Learn more

Century 21 Exposition

This online curricula introduces students to the origin of some of Seattle's most iconic structures during the 1962 World's Fair. Learn more

Audio Guides

Learn about Seattle history with MOHAI's audio guides. These guides can be used to prepare for visits to the museum, as well as a resource for post-visit activities.

Innovative Seattle

Seattle's history of innovation, ingenuity, and inventiveness is long. Learn about the artifacts connected to innovation histories in both MOHAI's True Northwest: The Seattle Journey and Bezos Center for Innovation exhibits.

True Northwest: The Seattle Journey

True Northwest: The Seattle Journey examines some of the trials and successes of Seattle’s colorful, sometimes bumpy trek from wilderness to world city. The 13 artifacts and stories highlighted in this audio tour were selected by Dr. Lorraine McConaghy, MOHAI's Public Historian Emeritus.

Additional Lessons & Resources

These stand-alone lessons are a great way to incorporate local history and primary sources into your class studies, and can be used on their own or incorporated into a larger curriculum. Here you will also find links to additional online resources on MOHAI's site and elsewhere, including video content, primary source materials, and more. Learn more