Photo Price List

All photographs are custom produced, the following list includes basic products, sizes and finishes, but if you cannot find an item you need on this list, please ask. For example, we can make fiber-base exhibition quality prints, Colorplak ® mounting/lamination, mural-size prints and more.

General Terms for All Uses

  • All images are licensed as specified in writing for one-time non-exclusive use with proper credit. If published, a copy of the publication must be provided to the licensor and photographs must be returned after publication.
  • Students, teachers, members of the Museum of History & Industry, and the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society receive a 15% discount on production fees.
  • Most regular orders can be completed in 2 weeks
  • For RUSH service (1-3 work days, our workload permitting), add 100% to production fees.
  • For Washington State residents we will add 9.6% sales tax
  • All prices are subject to change without notice

Production Fees

Custom black & white, color or sepia prints; glossy or luster surface
Traditional darkroom prints on RC paper or digital inkjet prints

8x10 or smaller $28
11x14 $37
16X20 $58
20X24 $85
30X40 $230
40X60 $420

Custom Scanning

Scans include basic corrections and basic dust spotting

Basic resolution to 30MB for approximately 11x14 output $35
Higher resolution to 60MB for approximately 20x24 output $58
High resolution to 230MB for approximately 30x40 output $81
Burn scan(s) to CD, each disc $6

Hourly Service Fees

Staff research (first ½ hr. free) $50
Staff original photography $50


Publication And Use Fees (per image)


Book, brochure, poster, postcard, calendar and other print media

1-999 copies $21
1,000-5,000 copies $37
5,001-25,000 copies $105
more than 25,000 copies $210

(for use on cover, add 100%)

Periodicals, Including Newspapers

1-5,000 copies $21
5,000-49,999 copies $57
50,000-99,999 copies $105
more than 100,000 copies $210
(for use on cover, add %100)

Electronic Media Bundle (Broadcast Television, DVD, and Web site)

Regional $105
National $237
World $450

(For broadcast only, subtract 50%)

Other Uses

Website  $27
Legal or commercial research, reports  $25

Display/Decor (Restaurant, Hotel, Office, Exhibition, etc.)

up to 16X20 $42
up to 24x36 $85
up to 48X72 $125
over 48X72 to 50sq. ft. $475
over 50 square feet $10.50/sq. ft.

Non-Profit and Private Self Publishing

Fees for non-profit uses or for book authors with self-published works are half the editorial fees for the various media listed above. Non-profits include government agencies and other organizations able to demonstrate non-profit status.


Fees for advertising uses are double the editorial fees for the various media listed above.

Additional Advertising Uses and Fees

Point-of-sales display, any size $470
For other advertising uses, please contact us.

phone: (206) 324-1126, fax (206) 324-1346

All prices subject to change.