Seattle history is a story of community.
Commemorate yours with an engraved tile at MOHAI.

Since the opening of the new MOHAI in December 2012, more than 100,000 visitors have been enthralled by this imaginative new space, and the stories told here.

The museum's stunning setting on Lake Union is a key part of that experience, and one of the best places to enjoy it is the Stack Family Lakeview Terrace. Located on the third floor of the museum, facing north over the water, this outdoor vantage point allows visitors to appreciate the vibrancy of our city. It is in this special space that we invite you to make your mark on history.

The terrace features 300 stone tiles, divided into one-square-foot sections. A tax deductible gift of $1,000 to MOHAI secures your tile section, customizable with up to three lines of text of twenty characters per line. Your tile will serve as a permanent, unique tribute to the people who make Seattle home for you.

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For further inquiries about terrace tiles call Alice Stenstrom at 206-324-1126 x152.